Tuff Tech Mobile Flexible Tanks, various solutions to fit your needs and your truck.  Photos by Tuff Tech.

TUFF TECH Bags: the way water Moves... logo TUFF TECH Mobile Tanks: The next generation of mobile liquid containment and dispersal

TUFF TECH Mobile Flexible Tanks maximize liquid payloads and are designed like military flexible tanks or water buckets used to fight wildfires.

Custom dump truck solutions.  Photo by TUFF TECHCustom large truck bags with your choice of pump kits (gas, electric, hydraulic, or hand pumps) to fit your needs for a wide range of commercial applications.
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See below to find our selection of bags and delivery systems for pickup trucks and utility vehicles.

<< TUFF TECH offers various disbursement systems to suit your particular needs. See below for more details. Fill in the form with your specs or email us at robert@tufftechbags.com and we'll work together to come up with an appropriate system. 


TUFF TECH Mobile Flexible Tanks:

    • are easy to set up: place in vehicle, line up the ports, & fill.

    • are safer.  They have a lower center of gravity than stiff plastic tanks and only extend 4 inches beyond the sides of your vehicle.

    • store easily: they fold or roll into a compact size.

    • are available to fit your vehicle.

    • have several options for dispersal of the liquid. 

    • are virtually indestructible. 

TUFF TECH bags are virtually indestructible.  
          Photo by Tuff TechLike all TUFF TECH BAGS, our mobile flexible tanks are made with a coated nylon fabric, which makes them lightweight and flexible.  You can fold them up when not in use. They are U.V.-protected andMade in the USA freeze-proof. TUFF TECH Bags create a lighter environmental footprint compared to standard, plastic barrels or tanks.

We are looking for a few good dealers for TUFF TECH products.  If our products would work to enhance your business, email us at robert@tufftechbags.com.


TUFF TECH Bags for pickup trucks and utility vehicles provide an easy way for the small contractor, farmer, or homeowner to move liquid.

Cab-mounted bag folds up when not in use.  Photo by TUFF TECH

<< This bag is mounted to the cab and folds up easily right on the truck when not in use. You could also lay it flat in your truck bed.  Truck bags come with 4 handles (one in each corner), 4"-vented fill cap, 1.5" suction port, a 1" drain port for storage on truck, and securing strap. 

Fold up the bag right on the truck when not in use.  Photo by TUFF TECH

TUFF TECH bags for pickup trucks. 


Need help in figuring the best size, have a special need for disbursal, or need a heavy duty bag? Click here for the order form or email us 






115 gal / 435 liters

15" x 9" x 22"

29 lbs

210 gal / 795 liters

22" x 9" x 32"

34 lbs

335 gal / 1,268 liters

22" x 9" x 32"

39 lbs

465 gal / 1,767 liters

22" x 9" x 32"

45 lbs

545 gal /2,063 liters

22" x 9" x 32"

49 lbs

Kubota, a utility vehicle can carry liquids more efficiently with a Tuff Tech bag.  Photo by TUFF TECHTUFF TECH bags for utility vehicles.  


Need help in figuring the best size or have a special need for disbursal? Click here  

Description & Volume


Kubota (fits rear box) 115 gal / 435 liters

24" x16" x 12"

John Deere Gator 115 gal / 435 liters

41" x 49" x 12"

Trackless vehicle 70 gal / 265 liters

(fits sand hopper)

Engineered pumping systems:
Delivery system kits

- 12 volt 1 to 3 lane for parking lots
- Hydraulic 1 to 3 lane for parking lots and highway applications
- Gas engine 1 to 3 lane for parking lots
- All systems are manual flow control or computerized

Emergency Potable Water:
- any size and any number of taps
- usually made for trucks with hydraulic, gravity feed and electric pump are available

- 12 Volt system for parks and garden
- hydraulic for road spraying and bridge deck cleaning
- 12Volt dust control on parking lots
- Hydraulic for fire fighting using large trucks

Pesticide & Herbicide
- available as 12volt, gas and hydraulic systems
- hose reels and spray gun for any application

Every kit is 100% tested before leaving the factory
Kits are serialized for easy ordering of replacement parts
All kits are pre-assembled as much as possible for easy installation
A bill of material is sent with the kits.
Each system is engineered for the specific application

Pricing does not include delivery, so contact us to order or if you need help in figuring the best system for disbursal. Click here for the form or send us an email: robert@tufftechbags.com 


Universal watering kit for any vehicle that has a trailer hitch, trailer plug and 12V
2" Reese hitch adaptor with hose hangers. 12V diaphragm pump, 45 psi, 4.5 gpm demand pump, works only when gun is engaged. Filter on suction line. Connection plastic box with a main switch and a fuse inside. Cable and 7-pin connector to get the power from the trailer 12V receptor on the truck (nothing going to the cab). Feed line to your bag, including a 2" to 1" reducer-bushing, a ball-valve, a cam lock connection and 8' of hose from bag to pump. 25' of 3/4" hose to feed the gun with a cam lock connector at the end. Part #: DC-RELW


A - 3 watering gun, wand bended at 45, 4-6 gpm watering nozzle, 3/4 cam lock coupler. 
Part # MS-FUFLEUR3, 

B - 8 gun, wand bended at 120, 4 to 6 gpm, cam coupler.  Part # MS-FU8FLEUR2

Anti-icing kits

SIDEWALK anti-ice spraying: 2 minute install only with a 4 ft stainless steel spray bar. The system comes with a universal electrical hook up for any equipment and cab switch. Part #: DC12V1LNT-4FT

PICKUP TRUCK 12 VDC anti-ice: 2 minute install anti-ice system designed for parking lots.  Pre-assembled with a 2 Reese hitch for 7 6 long stainless steel with H.D. pencil nozzles, producing a 12 ft spray pattern. A 7 pin trailer plug supplies power with a separate on/off switch for the cab. The pump, pressure regulator, relay, filter and pressure gauge are all housed in a powder coated box mounted on the hitch. Hoses are fitted with cam-lock fittings to attach to a TUFF TECH Bag. Part #: DC12V1LNT

PICKUP TRUCK anti-ice for computer control: 2 minute install. This kit designed for a computer controller. A stainless steel box is mounted on to the regular box with a flow meter and servo valve mounted inside. Part #: DC12V1LNT-MSL

PICKUP TRUCK anti-ice electric for 3 lanes price: 2 minute install with 3 separate pumps and spray bars. Total spray is width 30 ft. Each has separate regulators and on/off switches. Part #: DC12V3LNT

Honda engine/hypro pump only: The system is pre-plumbed in a black steel cage with urethane paint. Can be mounted to frame or tailgate manual start. Remote boom with 12VD solenoid flow control valve mounted in cab with fuse and push in cigarette light adaptor. Part #: DCRELG1L

Honda engine/hypro pump setup for computer control: Included with system is a servo valve and flow meter. Stainless steel spray bar on a 2 Reese hitch. System covers 50 US gal/lane miles at 12 mph. Part #: DCRELG1

Hydraulic motor coupled to Hypro pump: Maximum allowable flow is 15 gpm after that must use priority valve option listed below. Dust control boom 8 or 12 ft coverage by swinging adding 2 -2ft booms onto 8ft center section. Part #: DCRELHYD


1. Brackets for boom to mount to trucks Brkt#1

2. Priority flow valve for flows over 15 gpm up to 44gpm

3. 75ft of 1 hose with fireman gun used for bridge wash down / fire fighting

4. Set of 2 fireman flat hose, 1 1/2" x 50', a 80 gpm fireman gun, a cam lock connector to connect at pump outlet in place of the boom. 

5. 2 ballvalve with 12VDC hookup for remote switch on/off of boom Cost 

Note:  Systems are available for other applications. The kits can be adapted to sidewalk machine like Trackless or golf machines like the John Deere gator. TUFF TECH Bags will fit any piece of equipment made. Systems can be engineered for any type of application.

All pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Thanks so much!

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