Tuff Tech Flexible Rain Barrels, a different solution for water harvesting.  Photo by Tuff Tech.

TUFF TECH Rain Barrels, the Flexible Solution to Your Rain Harvesting Needs.

Rainwater is a valuable resource: Don't let it get away. 
Harvest enough rain to meet ALL your outdoor water & irrigation needs.

Why flexible rain barrels?  waterdrop  Top 10 uses for rain barrel water
Meet the inventor of the flexible rain barrel, Robert Rozell 

Tuff tech 150-gallon flexible rain barrel in use with a hand pump.  Photo by Tuff Tech.A 150-gallon flexible rain barrel in use with a hand pump and our universal diverter.  This is our most popular size—all this volume without having to rig up a series of 3 standard 50-gallon barrels. >>

waterdrop  Sizing your Harvesting Needs  waterdrop

1000 sq. ft. of roof area (no matter what its slope) delivers approximately 600 gallons for every inch of rain. 

Remember one 150-gallon flexible rain barrel stores as much as 3 "normal" hard-sided barrels

TUFF TECH Flexible Rain Barrels:

  • are self-supporting—locate anywhere. Stable on slopes up to 10 degrees.

  • will not crack when frozen—good to -40F.

  • have a removable, zippered lid to dip buckets.

  • attach to garden hose or to our 24' long 1.5 " diameter flexx-pipe.

  • use a hand pump to deliver water.

  • available in 4 colors, brown, green, white, and tan.

  • available in 150, 300, 400, 500 U.S. gallons 

All TUFF TECH products are made in the USA.Like all TUFF TECH BAGS, our flexible rain barrels are made with a coated nylon fabric, which makes them lightweight and flexible.  You can fold them up when not in use. They are U.V.-protected and freeze-proof. TUFF TECH Bags create a lighter environmental footprint compared to standard, plastic barrels or tanks.  Guaranteed to last for 10 years.  Patents pending on both the flexible rain barrel system and on the rain barrels themselves. 

Here's what's included with your flexible rain barrel:

· 1 Flexible rain bag
· 1 Filter diverter
· 24 ft of 1 ˝” hose (Flexx pipe)
· 2 Stainless steel hose clamps
· 2 fiberglass poles (will need assembly)
· 2 downspout straps
· 6 screws
· 1 piece of Velcro to tie the poles together

When you receive your rain barrel, this displays the kit that is included.  Photo by TUFF TECH

<< This is what your flexible rain barrel kit will look like when you receive it.  Notice that the barrel folds up and that flexible poles are included to keep it upright. See opened rain barrel photo above.

The remote barrel kit allows rain barrels to be placed away from downspout.  By TUFF TECH

<< Your flexible rain barrel comes with TUFF TECH's remote locator kit that allows you to place the barrel away from buildings. (installation diagram)

waterdrop waterdrop waterdrop

Downspout diverter detail: TUFF TECH's diverter is designed to keep out tree debris and mosquitoes. You can hook it up to our flexx hose or a standard garden hose. >>

The downspout is included with your flexible rain barrel, but the downspout kit is also available as a separate item.  Maybe you have more than one downspout to feed into your flexible rain barrel:

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TUFF TECH's remote kit is available as a separate item which can be hooked into your other rain barrels so they can be moved away from the downspout.
· 1 filter diverter
· 24 ft X 1 ˝” hose (Flexx pipe)
· 2 Stainless steel hose clamps
· 1 bulkhead fitting for the rain barrels with barb fitting
· 2 downspout straps
· 6 screws

waterdrop waterdrop waterdrop

A hand pump delivers water where you need it.  Photo by TUFF TECHHand pump can attach to a garden hose.  Delivers liquid up to 30 feet with each pump.

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All pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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We are looking for a few good dealers for TUFF TECH products.  If our products would work to enhance your business, email us at robert@tufftechbags.com

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Robert relates how TUFF TECH got into the flexible rain barrel business: 
(Click here for Robert's rain barrel video.)

"It all started when I was making a pitch to Lee Valley Tools. The buyer saw our truck bags and asked for a flexible rain barrel for homeowners.  We'd made bags for storing rain water commercially like 20,000 gallons but nothing residential. Upon further discussion, she explained that people forget to drain the water for the winter and the plastic barrels that they were selling would crack and their supplier would not take them back.

"In addition to cracking when frozen, she explained to me difficulties of shipping and storing the plastic barrels.  That's when the idea of the Flexible Rain Barrels was born.  

"But first we had to test them. We first froze some small bags in a freezer, but the real test was freezing 2 full size bags in northern Ontario, Canada through the winter. Everything faired well with the freezing no cracks or breaks. The material stays flexible to -40C

"Since then we have added the folding Flexx Pipe (1 ˝” X 24 ft) for higher volume flow in areas prone to flash floods. The Diverter has been designed to include a leaf filter and sediment filter.  Oh yeah, the bag stands up even when empty. People didn’t like it laying flat, so we provide two fiberglass tent poles. Works great. That's the story. We are now ready to ship product."

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The top 10 uses for rain barrel water*

1) Water plants (inside and out): Your plants will appreciate the chemical-free water. If you have irrigation limitations, rain barrel water can save your gardens and this is especially important for your edibles.  Transfer rain barrel water to your TUFF TECH watering vest for easier watering.

2) Wash vehicles: The soapy water in a bucket could be rain water.  With our hand-pump, you can rinse your cars, too.

3) Pre-rinse your home-grown vegetables, especially root crops like carrots, radishes, and turnips. This keeps the mud outside and not in your kitchen sink.  

4) Wash outdoor furniture: Add some baking soda to the rain water to keep the mold & mildew at bay.  It's much easier on your furniture than bleach.

5) Pre-rinse muddy hands: After a vigorous session in the garden, remove most of the mud from the hands, arms and feet of the gardeners with rain barrel water. This reduces your house cleaning. 

6) Wet your compost piles during dry periods: The chemical-free water will not kill the microbes that work to decompose your garden waste to turn it into that wonderful humus you can use to enrich your gardens.

7) Wash or rinse off lattice-work or vinyl fencing: If you have any humidity, you probably have a greening problem as algae builds up.  

8) Rinse off your gardening tools and gardening gloves:  Rinse the soil from your shovels and rakes. Swish rain barrel water around in your muddy wheelbarrows and carts and dump it on your compost piles. (See #6) And maybe even pre-rinse other muddy gardening clothingit reduces the strain on your washing machine.

9) Wash out used flower pots and other planters:  It's important to remove old soil where diseases could remain viable and then attack your next plant.

10) Use rain barrel water for an outside shower: Build a platform to elevate your rain barrel and build a lattice enclosure for your shower.  It's probably a good idea to install a French drain under the area to carry the extra water to a rain garden.

* These uses for rain water have not been scientifically analyzed to determine if they are actually the top ten uses, but they are ten uses we can think of and there may be more.  Let us know, if you use your rain barrel water in other ways.

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Tuff Tech diagram for hooking up your flexible rain barrel.

You don't have to be a plumber
 to install your flexible rain barrel. >>



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