Tuff Tech Bags Flexible rain barrel with hand pump.  Photo by  Tuff Tech

TUFF TECH Bags: the way liquid moves... If you need to collect, store, move, and/or disperse liquid, TUFF TECH BAGS has your solution.

Flexible rain barrel by Tuff Tech Bags. Photo by Tuff Tech BagsFlexible Rain Barrels

Comes in various sizes: pick one to suit your rain harvesting needs.

Tuff Tech 4 or 6-gallon watering vests make it easy to water your plants.  Photo by Tuff Tech

Watering Vests

Watering vests make hand irrigation a breeze. 
4-gallon or 6-gallon sizes

Tuff Tech commercial-sized to fit your truck. Photo by Tuff Tech.

Mobile Flexible Tanks

Large or small, TUFF TECH can size its bags to fit your truck and can customize the delivery system to suit your needs.

Larger Flexible Tanks

While designed for the military and for firefighting, there are many other commercial uses for TUFF TECH's large tanks. And they fold up when not in use.


Tuff Tech Bags
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TUFF TECH Bags are made with a coated nylon fabric, which makes them lightweight and flexible.  You can fold them up when not in use. They are U.V.-protected and freeze-proof. TUFF TECH Bags create a lighter environmental footprint compared to standard, plastic barrels or tanks.

Robert, founder of TUFF TECH Bags, worked with road supervisors in Ontario.  The idea for storing liquid in flexible containers is a product of a brainstorming session amongst a bunch of road supervisors and Robert on how to improve the efficiency of their operations.  See here for the whole story or watch this video.  Later Robert and a company that used to sell hard plastic rain barrels worked together to adapt the large tank operations to flexible rain barrels. Here's the rain barrel story or watch this video.

The Technology that makes Flexible Tanks Possible

We use radio frequency (RF) welding, also called dielectric welding or high frequency (HF) welding, to manufacture our bags.  This welding process uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat and bond two parts together under pressure. The resulting weld can be as strong as the original materials. RF welding is used to connect polymer films for healthcare, medical, industrial and consumer products, where a strong leak-proof seal without needle holes is needed.

This technology has been around for many years and has been used extensively by the military and allows for stationary bags with up to 200,000 gallon capacity, which can be used for emergency potable water supply/storage. It is only now that costs have come down that it can be commercialized for other uses.  So in addition to large commercial and military uses, TUFF TECH has watering vests, flexible rain barrels, and flexible tanks that fit in your pickup truck. 

Flexible tank products with the RF welding process are like plastics were 35-40 years ago. When plastic first came out nobody thought it would be used to replace other materials, mainly metals, in all the items it did. (Well maybe one guy knew: The one in the 60s movie "The Graduate" who gave his one word of advice, "Plastics." to Dustin Hoffman.)

If you need to store, move, or disburse liquids, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for right here.  
Think Flexible!
All TUFF TECH bags are made in the USA

We are looking for a few good dealers for TUFF TECH products.  If our products would work to enhance your business, email us at robert@tufftechbags.com

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